the community guidelines

Instagram has a strict set of guidelines that limit the visibility of content that goes against its community guidelines.

Get creative with

If you want to increase visibility on Instagram, consider adding Reels to your content calendar. Reels are one of the newest features on Instagram, and their popularity seems to be growing.

Schedule your posts at
the right
time for maximum

Interaction with your followers is important across the board on Instagram, so posting your content at the right time of day will help you reach more people.

Encourage engagement

Engagement can be tricky to achieve, but if you don’t get the engagement you want, it might be as easy as slapping on a sticker.

#5. Embrace the power of hashtags

The Instagram algorithm can't appreciate the cute picture of a super car the way human brains can, but it can appreciate the #Supercar hashtag.

Post consistently

Consistency requires planning. Having a social media content calendar can help, as well as scheduling your posts in advance with Hootsuite.

your analytics

A decent Instagram analytics solution will go beyond vanity metrics and assist you in identifying your target audience and the types of content they'll be interested in returning to.