Beating out of my chest, my heart is holding onto you/From the moment I knew/From the moment I knew.

You are the only person I’ve ever wanted to be with no matter what. I love you, my dear husband

Life would have been a mess without you. Having you is like having the whole world to me.

Your love for me is flawless and your commitment impeccable. Your only concern is my happiness, you make me feel so special. I love you.

You are half part of my heart and my life as well, you are the only one who can do anything for me and you do care for me as well, love you honey

Your love is captivating, heart-warming, and amazing, and my heart wants only you. You are the most amazing thing that happened to my life.

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.

The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched—they must be felt with the heart.

Your love has strengthened me in weak moments and I am here to do the same for you. 

Each day in my life, starts with a hug and kiss from you, and ends with a wrap in your arms. What else could I ask, I love you.

No one can ever come between us, because you are the king of my heart. I love you.

You have given me everything that I have ever dreamed of, you are my one and only love. I love you so much.

I have been joyful building a family with you, your love is the pillar of our family. I dearly love you.