Seeing you happy is all I ever want. I love you happy

I would be lost without you. I can’t deny that.

You have mastered the art of always making my heart happy. I love you.

Every single day, my love for you keeps increasing.

My plan is to be with you forever

 I can’t pick the perfect words to express how I feel for you. I love you.

I would bring coffee every morning just to see you smile.

Loving you is like food to my soul, I can’t survive without you.

I would give anything in my life to make you smile.

You have captured my heart, and I cannot resist your love. I love you.

You are so beautiful, I must have been very lucky to have you.

My main goal is to see you happy, you deserve a happy life. I love you.

I can’t imagine living far away from you; you are the reason why my heart beats.

I am not complete without You