Social Media Marketing Myths: BUSTED.

#1. It's best to stick with the same social media strategies that have provided you with success in the past.

#2. Social media is completely free marketing for small business owners.

#3. Social media gives people an opportunity to publicly criticize your company.

#4. You don't have enough content on social media to have a channel.

#5. Young people now use social media far more than older people.

#6. Social media monitoring can take a long time and be a time-consuming process.

#7. Hashtags are an essential part of every post and reel.

#8. It can seem tacky to try to seem relatable as a brand on social media.

#9. Social media tactics don't endear you to your customers—they only drive bottom-line results.

#10. Scheduling posts during the workweek will help keep your social media active.