24 Amazon Pick Up Lines {TESTED}

What’s up, buddy? Are you looking for some creative Amazon Pick Up Lines? Then you are in the right place.

Girls love to pick up lines related to shopping. That is why we have created the best Amazon pick up lines collection. Now you don’t have to hesitate while flirting with your crush. 

Amazon Pick Up Lines
Amazon Pick Up Lines

Best Amazon Prime Online Pick Up Lines

Are you Alexa? Because I want you in my life.

Do you work for amazon ? Because that kiss is prime.

Hey are you Amazon? Because you have everything I want

Are you an Amazon Package? Because I’d like to rip your packaging and make you mine.

Are you my package from Amazon? I want you at my house in the next 24 hours.

I have Amazon Prime.

AWS servers don’t go down, but I do.

Are you my Amazon Shopping Cart, because I am never abandoning you.

You must be an Amazon, ’cause you’re a Wonder, Woman.

Are you my Amazon order? Because you’re a complete package.

Call me Amazon Prime

Are you the amazon? Cause you’re lookin hot!

Babe are you Amazon FBA fullfillment center? Because I would like to load you up with my goods.

Amazon Fire, who are you? as you are quite heated.

Babe The only person I want to Kindle is you; I don’t want any Amazon Kindles.

What about Amazon? since you provide for all of my needs.

Are you Amazon, babe? You are in your prime, so.

Because I’ll arrive quickly if you give me orders.

Do you have an Amazon listing? Because every guy has you on his want list.

Are you in the Amazon jungle, considering how hot you are?

Are you Amazon? If so, add me to your Buy Box.

I don’t pack as well as Amazon But call me FedEx because I’ll rip that box to pieces.

You’re my Amazon shipment, right? since I had been anticipating your arrival.

Is this your Amazon order? Considering that you are a full bundle.  

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