48 Bone Pick Up Lines [SEXY, FLIRTY, CHESSY]

Bone pick up lines are a common way for people to try to start a conversation with someone they’re interested in. But why not spice things up with a bone pick up line? Here are ten of the best.

So are you looking for a way to impress that special someone? If yes then why not try using some bone pick up lines? These lines are guaranteed to make your date laugh, and they might even appreciate your clever puns.

Bone Pick Up Lines

Bone Pick Up Lines
  • Ever partied at a skeleton show?
  • Hey baby, Can I probe your moist area?
  • Girl, I want to get my bone under your skin instead.
  • I got some buried bones in my past. But babe I’ll get them out for you any time.
  • Your body is made up entirely of skeletons. Another bone won’t hurt.
  • Yeah, I got a bone for you.
  • All I have is a boner!
  • If you come closer, we can increase the bones in the human body from 206 to 207.
  • Girl, I am bad to my boner. Make it good.
  • Hey baby, can i use my GPR on you?
  • You have 206 bones in your body, wanna have 207?
  • Would you like to examine my bone?
  • I can bone out 5 chickens in 10 minutes. Just think about how fast I can please.
  • You remind me of a dinosaur. I wanna dig for your bone in your pant.
  •  My, my you are a special find.
  • You already have a whole skeleton inside you so another bone will do no harm.
  • Girl I want you on the bone, because you are finger licking good.
  • You can dig up my bone any day.
  • Are you a archaeologist? Because I’ve got a large bone for you to examine.
  • My skeleton want to party with yours.
  • Would you like to bone?
  • All the ladies love my bone biscuits….. That’s not the only hard thing they enjoy.
  • Did you know there are 206 bones in the human body? Would you mind one more? (Skeleton)
  • I’d like to excavate your site.

Boner Pick Up Lines

  • You’ve got 206 bones in your body, want one more?
  • This skeleton isn’t the only thing with a bone.
  • Line: Let me help you carry that box, pretty lady. You: Great, thanks! Human bones are so much heavier than I expected
  • Baby, I’ve got a huge grant !
  • Boner appetit!
  • Are you able to hold my dragon bone?
  • I’m the hardest thing here right now, will you be my boo?
  • Hey, do you wanna break a bone?
  • If you have time, we can go around my bone yard.
  • Girl, you are so hot. I can feel it in my boner.
  • All the ladies love my bone biscuits….. That’s not the only hard thing they enjoy.
  • Don’t look at me like that; I ulna wish to be beside you.
  • Would you like to see my totem ?
  • I don’t care about your past babe. I just want to bury my boner in your backyard.
  • Hey Baby, I wanna see your bedrock!
  • I am no man. Wanna bone ?
  • Girl, you are so hot you are making a part me into the hardest thing I know.
  • Are you calcium? Because you’re certainly making a bone grow.
  • Baby, your hotness is a social fact!
  • Are you missing a bone? Because I got something hard to put inside you.
  • Can I touch your tanglible heritage?
  • Hey baby, can I survey your features ?
  • Are you an animal? Because I’m gonna tame you with my bone.
  • Baby, you make this H0m0 erectus.

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