60+ BEST Bowling Pick Up Lines {DIRTY, FUNNY & CHESSY}

Bowling is one of the top sports in the world. Men and women are crazy about this game. And, there are high chances that your crush also bowls or likes to watch bowling in his spare time. So this is a golden opportunity for you to impress your crush. However, the question is how can you impress them without spoiling their mood. Well, here is the solution “Bowling Pick Up Lines“.

It’s true that bowling pick up lines will help you start a good conversation so that you can ask them out on a date. So if you are looking for some of the best pick up line ideas related to bowling, you can find them below.

Bowling Pick Up Lines
Bowling Pick Up Lines

Best Bowling Pick Up Lines

  • Seeing your face made my ball drop. 
  • What a great rack you have there!
  • Baby, you’re incredi-bowl.
  • If you are a 7-10 split, I’d pick you up. 
  • Let’s never split!
  • Let’s ball. You are right up my alley.
  • Don’t worry about spare-ing my feelings, but how would you feel about a date?
  • How about we split from this crowd and roll on out of here?
  • I heard you are a bowler, then you are probably equipped with the nicest balls right?
  • I am ready for tonight darling. My lanes are waxed to perfection only for you.
  • It would be great if you love my game, but it’d even be better if you reacted to it tonight. 
  • Do you know of anything else that has three holes. 
  • Girl you are driving me crazy more than these bowling games I am not winning.
  • Don’t judge me by these ugly bowling shoes…I actually have a beautiful custom truck
  • Will you want me to use rubber grips for your holes when you come over?
  • You shouldn’t worry about spare-ing my feelings. What do you think about a date?
  • Are you a pinsetter? Because you just swept me off my feet.
  • Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want to be pinned down too?
  • Could i borrow one of your bowling bowls you have stuffed in your back pocket
  • You are such a beautiful great bowler. 
  • Ohhh you have got a perfect rack going on there.
  • Hey there, you’re right up my alley. Let’s ball.
  • Can I borrow the chalk/triangle ball rack?
  • Never doubt my ability to sweep me off my feet because I am a pinsetter baby.
  • I will take care of you like I take care of a bowling ball.
  • I want to learn your favorite sport with you. 
  • Are you a pinsetter? Because you just swept me off my feet.
  • The minute you made a perfect ten is the same minute you have my heart. You can keep it.
  • My lanes are freshly waxed, if you know what I mean.
  • You are perfect like a 300 game. 
  • I can’t think of a bowling pick-up line right now to strike up a conversation with you.
  • If you accepted to play a game with me it’d play so hard.

Dirty Bowling Pick Up Lines

  • I think it’s time we ditched these gutter balls and got out of here, what do you say?
  • I dare you to strike those and I promise you will have my heart too.
  • My lifetime motto has always been: strikes in the streets, splits in the sheets. 
  • It is great that you love my game but it would also be great if you’ll react tonight.
  • Hey! Feel my bowling shirt, know what it’s made of? Boyfriend/girlfriend material!
  • When we be together, I pray that we never split.
  • Would you wish to see my other balls?
  • Do you know of anything else that has three holes.
  • Are you a bowler? Because you’re right up my alley!
  • Is your name Strike? ‘Cause you’re a perfect 10.
  • Baby, you’re so hot, you’re like oil at the end of a tournament – burning up.
  • Let’s make like a pin and split.
  • Do you like to play pool? (Yeah, why?) Cause I have the balls if you got the rack!
  • I live by one motto: Strikes in the streets, splits in the sheets.
  • I want to be the one to pick you up from your mistakes like I pick up these balls. 
  • Forgive my forwardness … My mind’s been in the gutter all night long.
  • Come on, don’t SPARE my feelings!
  • Are you a bowling ball? Because I want to pick you up and stick my fingers in your holes.
  • My aim right now is to aim for your heart. 
Dirty Bowling Pick Up Lines
Dirty Bowling Pick Up Lines
  • I care about you like I care about my bowling. 
  • Excuse me, miss. I just wanted to strike up a conversation.
  • Baby girl, I do not even aim to get a perfect ten in bowling because I already have you.
  • Let’s talk turkey: When I look at you, my thoughts are all XXX.
  • Are you a 300 game? Cause you’re perfect!
  • Are you a bullseye? Because you are perfect.
  • Could you come over, I’d like to pin you down. 
  • Do you mind if I pin you down tonight at my house? Ready?
  • Do not even think of a split baby.
  • Dear I’m willing to bend for you.
  • You’ve got a great rack there.
  • I will never get tired of picking you up from your fall just like a 7-10 split.

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