Flirty Shark Pick Up Lines [Funny, Dirty, and Chessy]

Shark pick up lines:- Are you searching for the best pick up lines for shark lovers. If yes then you are at the right place. Cause today we have covered the most flirty phases so that you can get any shark lover on a date.  With these pick up lines, you can start a good flirty conversation on Omegle, Facebook, or Instagram. We suggest you read all these pick up phrases to get some ideas for your dating conversations.   

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Pick Up Lines For Shark Lovers

  • Why do sharks make terrible lawyers? They’re too nice!

  • You have a very sexy body. Guppy style will be good with you.

  • Have you ever thought of making seafood palette? Bring your mussels to my place and I’ll show you the trick.

  • What was the sharks favorite B-52s song. Love Shark

  • What does a shark eat for dinner? Whatever it wants!

  • Hey girl are you a shark? Cuz i got some swimmers for you to swallow =))

  • What is the shark worlds most popular comic strip.  Seanuts

  • Are you a shark? Because I’ve got swimmers for you to swallow

  • Shark you be mine?

  • Are you a Baby Shark? Cause I want to do do do do do do you

  • A shark just ate my girlfriend. Will you be my new one?

  • What did the shark plead in the murder case? Not gill-ty!

  • What was the shark’s favorite Pixar movie? Eating Nemo

  • Why aren’t there any shark puppeteers? They have no hands!

  • Wanna try yawing style?

  • What a beautiful specimen! So aquatic.

  • why did the street sharks get arrested. dorsal profiling.

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Funny Shark Pick Up Lines 

Funny Shark Pick Up Lines 

  • Hey girl, are you a royal shark? Because I can’t stop fin-king about you.

  • A shark ate my only friend…will you be my new one?

  • What do sharks use before attacking surfers? Sun Scream.

  • What did the deaf, dumb and blind shark excel at? Finball

  • Why won’t sharks attack lawyers? Professional courtesy!

  • Do you like sharks. Because I got a megladong

  • How do you make a shark laugh? Tell a whale of a tale.

  • Should we go behind this rock and seal the deal?

  • What do you call a solitary shark. A “lone” (loan) shark

  • Tonight I want to swim in your pond. (Shark Pick Up Lines)

  • Can I have my tadpoles swim to your pond?

  • Who gives sharks presents on Christmas? Santa Jaws!

  • My friend just got eaten by a shark. Will you be my new one?

  • Are you a  Shark? Because I have ….. A lot of swimmers for you to swallow

  • It would be great creating some adorable little hatching with you.

  • Wanna hold my eel? Pay me a visit and you’ll have it all day long.

  • Sharks don’t typically mate for life, but for you I’d consider.

  • What would happen if I dropped a shark on thin ice? It would melt just like you melt my heart.

  • You’re welcome in my shark tank.

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