55+ Black People Pick Up Lines {TESTED}

African-American English is a very rich and varied dialect, with its own conjugations, pronunciations, and expressions. And while it has been unfairly stigmatized in the past, more and more people are beginning to see it as a beautiful thing.

One area where African-American English shines is in the realm of pick-up lines. Whether they’re funny, flirty, or just plain smoother, black people pick-up lines are in a league of their own. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the best pick-up lines used by black people.

Black People Pick Up Lines

Black People Pick Up Lines
  • Girl you are like soul food. Because you make me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • I wish I was 50 cent so I could take you to the candy shop!
  • Hey girl you lookin like a tall glass of water and I’m tellin ya I’m thirsty
  • Lemme borrow that number girl
  • I like my woman like how I like my watermelon – sweet and juicy.
  • Honey just by seeing you from behind I know you’re a well-rounded person
  • Can you put some hot sauce on my chicken? I need some spice in my life.
  • Would you be my sweet tea?
  • Shake that b00ty!
  • You hungry? Ha I am..bust that p*ssy open for me
  • I actually prefer that life give me lemons so that I can make a pretty lady like you some strawberry lemonade on a hot Summer’s day. Black People Pick Up Lines
  • Girl you are the cream, I am the chocolate let’s make a sundae.
  • That A$$ so fat, you could pull a brothas eyes out with the gravity?
  • Wanna go for a ride in my porsche? It’s black…
  •  Did you just step out of Jet magazine? Because your the beauty of the week.
  • I claim you in the name of JESUS!
  • Is your name Maya? Because I’d like to sacrifice you to the gods.
  • That weave is out of this world.
  • You have the child-birthing hips that I have been looking for.
  • You make my soul a little less black.
  • So, what’s your favorite thing about black c0©k?
  • I dont care that you yoused to be fat, just come here and let me eat that cat!
  • You must be hot-sauce, because you are just burning me up.
  • I love your tight braids that is just right.
  • You smell so good like a freshed powdered baby. Black People Pick Up Lines
  • I got some suga for ya
  • Want to come over for some Malt Liquor and Kool-Aid?
  • The only nigguh flya than you .. is yo reflection
  • I love your tight braids that is just right.
  • Do you sing in the gospel choir? Because you have voice of an angel.
  • You shouldn’t drink that sweet tea, you are sweet enough already.
  • What is your favorite comedy? Oh mine is Roots.
  • Girl, yuh look like a bottle a maple syrup….THICK.
  • You took those yoga pants for sale? Because in my house there are 100% discount.
  • Your hair is flawless.
  • Do you like Pizza? because I want a pizza dat A$$
  • Hey Shawty, do I stand a chance with you or shall I just move on to your fat friend?
  • Damn you got a big A S S !!
  • Hey girl. Wanna dance? I promise to leave room for the holy spirit.
  • I like my woman like how I like my watermelon – sweet and juicy.
  • Are you Kool Aid. Because I just want to drink you all up.
  • Who yo hair dresser? Tell her I apologize for messing up her work
  • Girl you’re sweet as candy, can I taste you “Now And Later”?
  • Hey baby, I’d love to f**k the shit out of your fake weave
  • I want to crack you open like that watermelon.
  • BOOM BOOM BOOM Hot $h!t!
  • You are the waffles to my fried chickens. Black People Pick Up Lines
  •  Girl you are like soul food. Because you make me all warm and fuzzy inside.
  • I like big butts and I can not lie.
  • Do you need help with your African studies cause we can go to your house and make freedom ring.
  • Hey, are your parents beavers, because DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.
  • You are kicking like that crab legs.
  • If you were a Black Friday sale, you’d be a door buster.
  • I can do you before one can finish a Malt Liquor. Black People Pick Up Lines
  • Why pay $5 when you can’t get this footling for free

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