29 Construction Pick Up Lines [Funny, Dirty, Cheesy] [TESTED]

Construction Pick Up Lines:- Do you want to be flirty with a construction worker? If yes then this post is just for you. Cause today we have collected the best collection of pick up lines for construction workers. You can use these lines at your neighbor’s workers. 

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Best Construction Pick Up Lines

  • Can someone explain this meme? Please don’t tell me it has something to do with the dam

  • Are you a construction worker? Cause you’re erecting my monument

  • Is it just me or are there actual sparks between the two of us?

  • I’m a very dedicated Carpenter and I’m presently hammered. Would you like to be nailed by me?

  • Are you a roadside construction worker? Because you are bright and double fine.

  • So tell me, how are we splitting the construction costs? Because you just shattered my ceiling of how beautiful I thought a woman could be

  • Damn girl are you a construction worker. Because you are building

  • You should work at a construction site. Cuz that smile could light a place up (pick up lines for construction workers)

  • So tell me,  are we splitting the construction costs?  I wanted to know if this is true because you now have just shattered my ceiling of how beautiful a woman can actually be.

  •  I was wondering if you were a discount carpenter because you already give me some wood free of charge.

  • Are you a professional construction worker?  I’m asking you if this is true because you are erecting my Monument.

  • Are you considered high voltage? I was just wondering because you seem to really turn me, almost to the extent that I’m ready to blow a fuse.

  • Dam girl, are you a construction worker? Cuz you’re building

  • Hey girl, are you a barrier constructed to hold backwater? Because of DAM! (Chessy construction pick up line)

  • Girl, are you a construction worker? Because you’d need some ear protection when I’m drilling you

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Construction Worker Pick Up Line

Construction Worker Pick Up Line

  • Might you want to Tinker with my line?

  • I just gotten a hole, I was contemplating whether you could fix it?

  • Might you want to get penetrated by me?

  • At the point when the drill brakes down, they use me

  • You blow my mind, similar to that time I dropped in a septic tank

  • Individuals consistently let me know I look very much like Norm Abram

  • At any point done it on a heap of rubble?

  • Would i be able to get that chiffon shirt at some point?

  • Kiss me, I’m sweat-soaked

  • Assuming you will not go out with me, Liz Taylor will 

  • I’m not a mechanical architect, but rather I do realize how a drill functions. Would you like me to exhibit to you?

  • Your skin looks as delicate and pink as Owens-Corning fiberglass protection

  • I’m 36 years of age I actually convey a lunch box – – doesn’t that make you hot?

  • Excuse me, would you mind brushing the sawdust out of my back hair?

  • Since I have snared your link, you are needed to attach mine now.

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