70+ Disney Pick Up Lines | Dirty Disney Pick Up Lines

If you’re looking for a way to break the ice with a fellow Disney fan, then why not try using one of these Disney pick-up lines? After all, who can resist the charms of Mickey Mouse or the appeal of a dashing prince?

Disney Pick Up Lines

Disney Pick Up Lines
  • Baby, let the storm rage on tonight!
  • Be mine or you will burn.
  • Call me midnight because I’ll make that dress disappear…
  • Can I go exploring in your rabbit hole?
  • Can you feel the love tonight?
  • Damn Girl you got me twitterpated.
  • Do you trust me?
  • Can I get into your cave of wonders?
  • Have you ever tried anal, it’s A Whole New World.
  • I must be Lighting McQueen, ‘cause you’ve got my heart racing. (Disney Pick Up Lines)
  • It’s like Beauty and the Beast. I’m the Beauty you are the Beast.
  • What the hell is that smell? did you Jafar?
  • You don’t need a spoonful of sugar to make me go down.
  •   Call me Pooh, because all I want is you, honey.
  •  Thank you! Elsa has frozen my heart but once I saw you, it finally melted.
  • After meeting me, you’ll want to spend more time in bed than Sleeping Beauty.
  • Aladdin a pastry as well.
  • All this ice but you still melted my heart.
  • Am I a beast? Cause you’re definitely a beauty.
  • Aye Mary – youze Poppin’.
  • Forget Aladdin, I’m thinking bout Jasmine’s carpet.
  • Give me a Woody and I’ll make you Buzz for light years.
  • Have you ever seen lion king? I’m that guy.
  • Have you ever tried anal, it’s A Whole New World. Aladdin
  • Hey Aladdin, is that a lamp in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
  • Hey Jasmine, Does the magic carpet match the drapes?
  • Hey my name’s Mickey and there’s nothing Minnie about me. – Mickey and Minnie
  • Hey, can I climb your snowy mountains?
  • Hey, do you work for Disney cause I think you can make all my dreams come true.
  • Hey, honey, are you looking for a little sea man?
  • Hi hoe, hi hoe. It’s off to my place we go! (Disney Pick Up Lines)
  • Hi, I’m Andy. Wanna play with my Woody?
  • I can make any fairy moan…All I need to do is Tink’er’bell.
  • I can take you to infinity and beyond.
  • I must be a Beast, because you’re definitely a Beauty.
  • I must be Lighting McQueen, ’cause you’ve got my heart racing.
  • I will go the distance for you any day.
  • I won´t be the only one impaled tonight!
  • I’d like to have a glass of cold milk, please. Straight from the source.
  • I’d like to take a trip to your forbidden west wing.
  • I’d really like to Poke-her-hontas.
  • I’ll make you want to spend more time in bed with me than Sleeping, Beauty.
  • I’m a beast in the sheets.
  • I’m not Fairy Godmother but my magic wand will definitely make your dreams come true.
  • If I was Peter Pan, you’d be my happy little thought.
  • If I was Rapunzel, you’d be the only one to enter my tower
  • If I were Peter Pan, you would be my happy thought.
  • Is that Pinocchio in there? No, just a boner.
  • Let it go, inside of me.
  • Let’s test.. is it true love’s kiss?
  • Let’s play Pinocchio. You sit on my face and I’ll tell you lies.
  • Like Ariel, I’d give up my voice just to be a part of your world.
  • Minnie, want to see my polka dot bed sheets?
  • My name isn’t Sully, but can still be my Boo.
Disney Pick Up Lines
  • Normally, I may not have bones. But I´ll definitely have one tonight.
  • Oh, Oobee Doo, I wanna be with you. I wanna walk with you, talk with you, it’s true.
  • One night with me, and I’ll show you a whole new world.
  • People smell better than reindeers. And you darling, you smell like a rose!
  • Sit on my face and ask me to lie… What? You’ve never been Pinocchio’d?
  • Snow glows white on the mountain tonight… Not a footprint to be seen.
  • So did they give you a name along with all those rippling pectorals?
  • There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms. (Disney Pick Up Lines)
  • They don’t call me Woody for nothing!
  • Wanna rub my lamp?
  • Want to go for a wild ride baby? I’m a bottom.
  • Want to try and tame my Beast?
  • Whether Jafar or Ja-Close I’ll always be yours.
  • Winter´s a good time to stay in and cuddle. Wanna try it with me?
  • You are part of the circle of my life.
  • You are so Hans-some.
  • You be my princess Jasmin ill be the magic carpet n all you gotta do is ride me.
  • You can call me Nemo because I am never afraid to touch the butt.
  • You can call me Nemo because I’m gonna “touch the butt.” (Disney Pick Up Lines)
  • You got my heart racing like Lightning McQueen!
  • You know what really sucks? I have crabs, it’s A Bug’s Life. A Bug’s Life
  • You might be a lady but I’ll make you my tramp tonight.
  • You must be Cinderella, ‘cause I see that dress disappearing by midnight.
  • You will forever be the Peter Pan to my Wendy and together we can have that date at the second star to the right!
  • Your body is a wonderland, and I’d like to be Alice.

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