36 Homework Pick Up Lines {TESTED}

Hey, do you want to impress your crush with some effective homework pick up lines? Well, if yes then this post is just for you. Because in this article we have created some of the most effective pick up lines about homework. Now you can flirt with your crush while doing homework together. Also maybe you can ask them for a date or something.

Best Homework Pick Up Lines

Best Homework Pick Up Lines
  • You’re like an AP physics exam, you’ve got great curves.
  • Girl are you homework? Because I would love to have you as my problem.
  • You make an excellent assignment. I’ll eat you myself, so I’ll never let my dog eat you.
  • I had no idea that angels could attend public schools.
  • Are you angled at 90 degrees? Considering the way you’re looking!
  • I’m an open book for you, so treat me like homework.
  • You are not my number 2, you are my number 1! If you were a pencil, I couldn’t use you to take the SATs!
  • Must I complete my homework? No, I would much rather do you.
  • Girl, if you’re doing my homework, I’ll walk you through every step of the process.
  • Girl, let me be your home work. Take me home and we can do it all night long.
  • Your lab bench, or mine?
  • Summer must be over because I can tell you’re about to Fall for me.
  • Are you my assignment? Because even if I want to throw you on the table and make love to you all night, after two minutes I’ll give up and start crying.
  • Do you have homework? because I want to make you cry
  • Why do I know the seven digits of your phone number but not the hundreds of digits of pi?
  • Are you my schoolwork, girl? because our night together will be long.
  • Does Mr. Jacobs teach English in your class? [No] neither do I! We share so many things!
  • I wish I were your math assignment because I would be challenging and you would have to complete me at your desk.

Funny Homework Pick Up Lines

  • Babe, I’ll treat you like my homework, slam you down on my desk and do you all night long.
  • Hey girl, are you my homework? Because I will think about you all week and do you at the last minute.
  • I can do your math homework for you…
  • Will you be my student loans? Because I’d like to have you around for the rest of my life.
  • Hell is high school… you are the most desirable thing here!
  • I wouldn’t have to double space or expand the margins if I were writing an essay on your attractiveness to meet the minimum page requirement.
  • Babe, would you evaluate me on performance or completeness if you were a homework assignment?
  • Babe You will be treated as my homework. Come at the last minute, fondle you, and stay up all night.
  • You should have been my homework; I would have completed you every night.
  • I am proficient in math, and you have one important figure.
  • Can I obtain your vital statistics?
  • Hey, cutie, do you have my homework? since I would really love to bring you home.
  • I must have homework because I’m not doing it now even though I should.
  • Do you have homework? Considering that I’m not doing you. But I am aware that I ought to be
  • Are you doing your math homework? Because I want to divide your legs in half and hope we don’t multiply, I want to subtract your garments.
  • Baby, I’ll slap you on the table, do you all night, and treat you like my homework.
  • How about we return to my house and create a covalent bond there?
  • Are you doing your chemical homework? I feel a great balance and response between us.

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