How To Kill Wendigo: 5 Ways To Kill Them

A demon is one of the most terrifying nightmares that can happen to anyone. Wendigo tops the list. Why, because of their form and form. Yes, Wendigo is the most frightening monster in the world. And the worst part is that humans cannot kill them easily.

But what if you come face-to-face with a Wendigo? Can you avoid it or more importantly, can you kill a Wendigo?

Can you Kill Wendigo?

Experts in demons and paranormals say that Wendigo can be killed in the same way as other demons. However, this process can be very dangerous and difficult. Anyone can kill Wendigo with a silver bullet or knife. They can also be killed by burning alive.

Keep reading if you want to know the exact process and most effective way to kill this ugly monster.

5 Ways To Kill Wendigo

can you kill Wendigo

Wendigo is no ordinary monster. To kill them you need courage and a plan that doesn’t fail. If your plan doesn’t work out, it will be the last day of your life.

Don’t worry! Here are some ways to save you from these hungry monsters

Silver Bullets:

Silver bullet to kill wendigo

When we hear of silver bullets we think of wolves. But the truth is that silver bullets are not only made to kill wolves but they can kill Wendigos as well.

Silver bullets cause death due to the amount of silver they contain. These pills act as poison inside Wendigo’s body and kill them.

Many also believed that if you shot this demon in the heart, it would kill them immediately.

An ax or knife made from silver is another thing that will kill Wendigo. Just like in the movies, these silver knives can kill this monster and save it from death.


Wendigos are living monsters. Like us, they too have hearts, minds, and souls. Although they are more powerful and active. But a strong poison can stop their movement. And if you shoot them with strong poison, you can kill Wendigo easily.

Cut Wendigos Head:

Like Thanos said, go for the head. Every living being on earthworks through their brain. So if we cut off their brain supply it will kill them automatically. 

The same is true for Wendigos. If you cut off their head with a sharp blade or, as we suggest, a silver ax, you can kill their monster. 

But there is a problem. Wendigos are much longer than humans so if you want to kill them you have to reach their heads which is very hard.

Burn Them Alive:

burn wendigo

The most effective way to kill a Wendigo is to kill it alive. Wendigos are very fast and strong. You cannot compete with these monsters face to face. You should set up a trap and fill it with petrol, and when the Wendigo gets stuck in it, burn it to death.

Many experts agree that burning wendigos is the most effective way to kill them.

Drown Them:

drone wendigo

Wendigos are monsters that live only on the surface of the land. They never encountered the surface of the water, meaning they didn’t know how to swim.

Therefore, if you run into Wendigo in the woods, you should look for a river nearby. Because wendigos cannot swim and if they enter deep water they will die of drowning.

Why Is Killing Wendioges So Difficult?

Wendigo in cage

Wendioges are terrifying monsters. They can eat you alive like a boiled potato. Their claws are so sharp that they can cut a tree in half.

Wendioges are said to be very fast monsters. Even though they are very tall and heavy in size, they can run like an adult cheetah.

It is very difficult to hide from this monster because they can feel your fear and breath.

The Wendigoes start the chase with an annoying game. Their behavior includes thrashing their prey, releasing screams or growls, and sometimes imitating human voices asking for help.

Killing Wendigo alone is like destroying a world war tank. One cut may not cause many injuries because wendigos are very thick.

But if you use silver bullets or any weapon then you can harm their body.

Thing You Should Not Do While Killing Wendigoes?

Can you kill wendigo

Wendigos are very dangerous to face because they are so deadly that they can kill you with one shot. 

So there is no chance of making a mistake. So in this section, you’ll learn what to do when you encounter or kill Wendigo.

If you’re in the woods and see wendigo, run without looking back. Wendigo is famous for making traps by imitating their loved one’s voices and asking for help. And anyway if you look back they will attack you.

Many people compare Wendigo to giant bears. They don’t know that wendigos are not bears. They are mysterious creatures known for their unusual behavior. 

So if you think you can kill them with a regular bullet or knife you are wrong and maybe you can make things worse.

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