26 Scrabble Pick Up Lines [TESTED ON HOT CHICKS]

Hot girls love to play Scrabble. If your crush is one of them then this post will help you. Today we’ve compiled some of the most effective Scrabble pick up lines. Yes, you can use this line when you and your crush play Scrabble. Now you don’t need to search for ideas because this post will help you to impress your crush very easily.

Scrabble Pick Up Lines

Scrabble Pick Up Lines
  • Talking to you is like playing Scrabble, I have to form words while staring at your rack.
  • I don’t want to just score the most points, I want to win your heart.
  • Did you take my Scrabble tiles? Because babe I am at a loss for words for you.
  • Without you playing Scrabble with me tonight, all my tiles spell disaster.
  • How do you make a Welsh person comfortable while playing Scrabble?
  • When is the best time to have diarrhea?
  • Are you Scrabble? Because I would love to look at you all day long to come up with clever pick up lines.
  • I have a Q, and all I need is U for the win.
  • Old MacDonald had a very bad Scrabble hand…
  • Do you have the D tile? I have the O, perhaps we just have to make do.
  • Scrabble and sex tonight?
  • I’ve bought up all the Scrabble games I can get my hands on.
  • ‘Cause all the hot chicks play Scrabble!
  • I want to eat more than just words tonight.
  • Girl, I want to put my hard tiles on your rack.
  • Talking to you is like playing Scrabble, I have to form words while staring at your rack.
  • The only game of Scrabble that I want to play is to spell your name.
  • Babe, you are the missing letter tile that I have been waiting for all night.
  • One night of Scrabble with me, and you will totally lose your words.
  • Scrabble Pick Up Lines 
  • Girl you must be good at Scrabble, because I see points in everything you say.
  • Scrabble and sex tonight?
  • We got too many letters between U and I.
  • Love is overrated, it’s only 5 points.
  • Girl you play Scrabble? I will put the S in your Ex.
  • Girl, these Scrabble tiles are not the only things hard for you tonight.

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