Best Status Lines {Top 120+}

Best Status Lines {Top 120+}

Searching for the Best Status Line for social media platform?

Then welcome to the Your own blog where you can find the best ever status lines for WhatsApp, Instagram. and Facebook. Want 1000 of likes comment and share on you post them copy and paste these eyectching status lines in english.   

Best Status Lines For Whatsapp 2021

whats is done in love well
  1. Guys unmute the channel its affecting the view😊😊
  2. Am human being too, i do also fail but at least am not fake
  3. Don’t worry about hurting my feelings
  4. Don’t let this world change ur smile
  6. Hate 2 be different but hate 2 be normal😐
  7. It’s killing me😞🥀
  8. Ur direction is more important than ur speed
  9. I like being single🚶
  10. I just don’t care anymore
  11. Heart is the only instrument……
  12. deep down I missed u
  13. I just wanna be happy to the point I forget everything i’ve been through
  14. Invisible tears are the hardest to wipe away
  15. U nvr get over it
  16. Stop comparing me to the ppl
  17. We all die
  18. U know me yesterday,u don’t know me anymore
  19. They just want me broke
  20. It’s hard living when living is the last thing you want to do
  21. I nvr wanna let u go
  22. I gave u more than I gave myself so loyal to u that I betrayed myself
  23. U can’t make someone luv. All u can do is be someone who can be loved.
  24. Don’t let ur body defined ur soul let your soul define your body.
  25. World is happy with u

Best Status Lines for Girl To Copy and Paste

ctrl+alt+del , best status line
  1. I might be the writer but you’ll always be the worlds.
  2. Show me u r not like the rest.
  3. I want soul connection.
  4. Sick of pretending.
  5. 1 day u gonna miss how much i cared abt u.
  6. Don’t get too attached to people.
  7. We’re a depressed generation.
  8. I might forgive you a lot but I’ll only trust u once.
  9. Loving u is worse
  10. I want to hold ur hands.
  11. All u got is ur self.
  12. Sometimes u just need to hear how important u r for someone.
  13. Upgrade from single to alone
  14. I dnt live 4 the wrld.
  15. I started using my heart less.
  16. No time for lies.
  17. Never comfort me with lie.
  18. It’s not ur fault for hurting me it’s mine.
  19. I’M over protective.
  20. Most important things in my life.
  21. Some shits just don’t worth getting mad for anymore.
  22. We all are bad in someones story.
  23. I’d rather attempt to do something.
  24. I won’t let u close to hurt me.
  25. you just did and it’s incredible
    wish you was alive. we love you.

More Amazing Status Line for Your Post

better day are coming they are called. saturday and sunday, best status line
  1. Music takes us where words can’t.
  2. I tried but that didn’t work.
  3. Deeply in luv with everything abt u.
  4. Ur memories destroy me.
  5. You won’t break me
  6. I’m not ok but i pretend 
  7. You drew memories in my mind.
  9. Owww shit!!!!! y’all better make urselves 3k again.
  10. Sometimes u better off not knowing.
  11. Mistakes can make u grow.
  12. You broke me when i busy on fixing u.
  13. “Everything that breaks u down can also build ur character”
  14. Luv is the most fucked up drug.
  15. I don’t wanna hear sorries.
  16. Why do u need me when i don’t need u?
  17. Nobody got me like i got me.
  18. Memories stay people don’t
  19. Too much always hurts too much.
  20. You look so happy when um not with u.
  21. Trying to find who i was being everything i wasnt.
  22. Nothing hurts more than luv.
  23. There’s no light inside me strong enough to resist the darkness.
  24. Don’t beg anyone to stay in ur life.
  25. I wish I can uninstall my feelings.

Best Status quotes in English

you exactly where you need to be, best status line
  1. Too much pain
  2. Um only responsible for what i say.
  3. Care less U will be stressess.
  4. Keep ur feelings no one cares
  5. I need to be saved too.
  6. I recived pain.
  7. U can’t play me for trying.
  8. Only i can do that.
  9. Sick of trying.
  10. If u are searching for a person that will change ur life take alook in the mirror
  11. broken legs but i chase perfection.
  12. I’m just a bad guy
  13. corona or no corona stay away from ppl is agood idea.
  14. Confidence is the key🗝.
  15. Ur growth scares ppl who don’t wanna to change.
  16. Fuck the world.
  17. I poison myself till i feel nothing in my soul.
  18. Great minds think alone.
  19. I care too much in a world that cares too little.
  21. Lost in questions that i can’t answer.
  22. A thing you hide in your heart eats you alive.
  23. I’m in the box.
  24. A lot in my mind
    But I can’t describe
  25. Same game different levels
    Same hell different devils.

Best Status Lines about Life


  1. Same game different levels
    Same hell different devils.
  2. The real u is who u r when ain’t nobody watching.
  3. am just another person.
  4. Things will nvr be the same….
  5. There’s always someone who can make us weak.
  6. Even Good ppl r great at making bad decisions.
  7. Not in the mood is always my mood.
  8. My heart belongs to u.
  9. I push away the people that i love the most why???
  10. I shouldn’t have to die to feel live.
  11. I don’t wanna say i miss u…
  12. The journey teaches a lot
  13. You gave me wings to fly then took away my sky.
  14. Everything you love gonna leave.
  15. I can’t make u stay.
  16. Money hiest in fana…
  17. Every night i live and die.
  18. What r u so afraid of me ?
  19. Every day may not be good but there’s something
    Good in every day ….good morning.
  20. Don’t blame urself for shit.
  21. I luv the feeling i get whn um with u…
  22. If god doesn’t fix the problem he’s using the problem to fix u.

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