30+ Earth Day And Climate Environment Pick Up Lines

The celebration of Earth Day each year on April 22 is a time to reflect on the importance of taking care of our planet. And If your crush loves to celebrate earth day or climate than these post is just for you. Use this Earth Day And Climate Environment Pick Up lines to impress your crush and make a move to ask for a date.

Earth Day And Climate Environment Pick Up Lines

Earth Day And Climate Environment Pick Up lines
  • Let’s head to the park so I can plant my tree.
  • I don’t drive a car, but I’d love to walk you home!
  • Wanna take a shower with me to conserve water?
  • Can I be your axis for the night?
  • Just say yes and I’ll make sure you never get cold feet.
  • Baby, looking at you makes me want to be on top like a rooftop garden, underneath like geothermal energy.
  • Excuse me while I climate turn into something more comfortable…
  • Can I buy which you drink? In a reusable bottle keep in mind.
  • Do you believe in the big bang theory?
  • Hey, let’s come up with compost, not love. As well as war.
  • It got really hot all of the sudden. Is it global warming? Oh, wait, you just walked into the room.
  • Let’s follow this current wherever it might lead us.
  • That chalupa really gave me greenhouse gas.
  • Don’t worry baby, we’ve got world class spill protection.
  • In this entire universe, all I want is you.
  • I recycle everything, even my pick-up lines. So, let’s make like a tree and leave.
  • Did that rising sea-level get your pants wet? We better get you out of those!
  • Hey baby, is you a tree? Cause I wanna hug you.
  • Did you know I recorded the 1953 Christmas hit ‘Santa Baby’?
  • If you were a year you’d be the last one, cause you’re the hottest on record.
  • Care to show me your ozone layer?
  • Did you say spelunking?
  • Don’t say you’ve got a girlfriend, cuz that would be an inconvenient truth.
  • Fair Trade Coffee, Organic Tea or Me
  • Hey sexy, I hear climate change is going to get really bad, you are gonna need a lover that knows the bush and can hunt.
  • Baby, the connection I’m feeling is stronger than the link between climate change and extreme weather
  • Do it for Mother Earth.
  • Here’s an inconvenient truth — you have a nice ass
  • How many dormant volcanoes do you have? Because I bet I could activate all of them.
  • Did you know cuddling reduces pollution by 25%?
  • Cars Pollute, so can I pick you up on my electric scooter
  • Did you know my sheets come from only organic, fair-trade silk?
  • Do you think we can we get to absolute zero together?
  • If you can plant a tree, will you dig me?
  • Do you know what time it is? It’s time to take your boyfriend to the dump.

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