30+ Concert Music Festival Pick Up Lines TESTED {FUNNY, DIRTY}

What’s the best way to start a conversation at a concert music festival? You might not need one if you have the perfect pick up line!

There are so many different music festivals out there, from EDM to country to rock, and each one has its own culture and atmosphere. But one thing that they all have in common is that they’re all full of people who love music.

If you’re looking for a way to break the ice and start a conversation with someone at a concert music festival, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll give you some of the best pick up lines for a concert music festival. So whether you’re looking for a new friend or something more

Concert Music Festival Pick Up Lines

Concert Music Festival Pick Up Lines
  • Great festival, but you know what’s missing? Ins and Outs
  • Call me AC/DC, because I am going to rock you all night long.  {Only use this one if you still live in your parents’ basement.}
  • Do I have a grass stain on my ass?
  • Camping this weekend? There’s a shower back at my place that you don’t have to share . . unless you want to share.
  • Can I get your number, I lost mine.  {Witty–it just might work.}
  • Do you like bracelets? Because I have a bunch in my van.
  • Are we in LA/Coachella/Stagecoach? Because you’re turning this into a hard fest.
  • I know you’ve heard that worn out line about love at first sight. Well, I never knew those words were true ’til you walked up the Stagecoach stage tonight.
  • Would you grab my arm, so I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel?
  • Can we cuddle naked while we listen to Above and beyond at EDM?
  • Get ready for the drop…of my pants
  • I drove my Cayenne out here too . . . great minds think alike!
  • Can we cuddle naked while we listen to Above and beyond at EDM?
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again? {Cute.}
  • Can you feel the bass pounding in your chest
  • Damn girl, are your parents ghost producers? Cuz I can’t believe you’re responsible for dat ass.
  • How long have you been waiting in line for the Lollapalooza ticket?
  • Are you VIP or general admission?
  • Hey, do you have a lighter?
  • Do you like sub-bass? Because you just turn on my lower frequencies.
  • I ain’t never seen a cowboy look that good in jeans.
  • Hey, baby, do you come to Stagecoach often? Hey, baby, now, what’s your sign?
  • EDM is when the crowd is singing louder than the speaker.
  • You must be tired, because you’ve been running through my head all night.
  • Do you like drum and bass? Cause you got me wanting 174 bangs per minutes.
  • Can you feel the bass pounding in your chest
  • See those cops over there?  They’re here for you, because it’s illegal to look that good.
  • Hey! Where you going? Get your tits back over here by me.
  • Are you VIP or general admission?
  • Are you here for one weekend or two?
  • Have you heard of DJ Hanzel? Well, I got two deeper
  • Girl, you must be sold out, cause I’m thinking of ways to get in
  • What bands are you excited for?
  • Hey, good looking. Whatcha got cookin’? How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?
  • I don’t fall for pick up lines, but I fall for pick up trucks.
  • Are you security? Because I’ve got a suspicious bulge in my pants.

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