14 DC Pick Up Lines {TESTED}

Looking for some good DC pick up lines for your crush? If yes then this is the right place.

DC Pick Up Lines

DC Pick Up Lines
  • It’s a bird, it’s plane, it’s me leaving your house the next morning!
  • I don’t think you’ve ever hooked with a god.
  • We can do it in the bat-mobile.
  •  Look, it’s a long story. But yes, the green arrow.
  • I’m lonely; wanna probe?
  • Even though I’m blind, my brailles skills tell ne you have some fine humps.
  • Do you know how good it feels without a cape?
  • Just follow the light.
  • Hello. Pleasure to meet you. I’m Batman.
  • Wanna meet Alfred?
  • On your mark, get set, glow!
  • Can you leap over tall buildings in a single bound? Because you’ll need that ability to be on top
  • Maybe you should let my fist of fury invade your secret lair
  • Do you wish to compute?

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