38 Flirty Responses to Pick Up Lines

Responses to Pick Up Lines:- Sometimes it’s hard for someone to give the best response to a good pick-up line. You know throwing a good pick-up line is hard but giving a positive response is harder. You know give a perfect response can make your date. Many times people get nervous when someone tries to flirt with them. But not now, cause today we have covered the best responses to pick up lines.

You can read these responses and take some good ideas to make your crush comfortable.

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Flirty Responses To Pick Up Lines

  • You complete me.
  • My heart calls out for you
  • You complete me.
  • My heart calls out for you
  • Every moment that I look at you, I feel love and inspiration.
  • It must be fate’s work that we’re together right now.
  • You are my destiny.
  • I’m so lucky to have you in my life.
  • I’m so happy that we have so much time to be with one another.
  • You embody everything that I am looking for.
  • You are the best thing that ever happened to me. (Responses To Pick Up Lines)
  • I was just thinking the same about muffins.
  • I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.
  • Everything about you turns me on.
  • I will choose you over pizza every day of my life.

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Responses To Pick Up Lines

  • You make me want to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner for you.
  • I want you to be around me always.
  • I think this is the beginning of a beautiful romance.
  • Enough with the “how are you?” or “what’s up?” questions. Now talk dirty to me.
  • I’m still wearing that smile you gave me back then.
  • Honestly, I wasn’t feeling good. Well, not until you spoke to me.
  • I’m lost for words. I mean, you just look so attractive it’s distracting! (Responses To Pick Up Lines)
  • That’s for me to know and for you to find out. (Cheeky!)
  • Nice try! Now could you please empty your pockets? I’m definitely sure you just stole my heart.
  • I was daydreaming until you came and made it a reality.
  • I’ve been alone for some time. Care to keep me company for a while?
  • I’m on this mission to stop thinking about you. It’s called: Mission impossible!
  • Just what I needed to hear—your voice!
  • Kinda bored. Want to come to play with me? (Play what, exactly?)
  • Did you know that kissing burns 1.5 calories per minute? Wanna work out with me?
  • Hey, I appreciate that, but I don’t see us that way.
  • Thanks but I’m sorry I don’t feel that way about you.
  • Thanks but I just see you as a friend.
  • Haha, thanks but my boyfriend isn’t going to like you saying that.
  • Not much, I’m going to my boyfriend’s place for dinner later.
  • Thanks but I’m seeing someone at the moment.
  • I don’t think that’s appropriate.
  • Ahh, I don’t have anything to say to that. (Responses To Pick Up Lines)

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