Tinder To WhatsApp: Why Girls Ask For Number & Money

From Tinder to WhatsApp, everyone wants to add new friends. And this is very common because we are all comfortable on WhatsApp because it is our private app where we only connect with the most important people. But many times people make a mistake by adding some criminals on their social media. These criminals are also called scammers.

You can’t identify cheaters because they pretend to be normal people. They are very sweet and they always show that they are always ready to help.

Is it safe to give WhatsApp number on Tinder? Your personal number is very important for you as it is linked with your bank and other important accounts. If you share your WhatsApp number with a random person on Tinder then you are taking the first step in the trap of scammers. So be careful before sharing your private number with any unknown person.

Why Do People Share WhatsApp Number On Tinder?

People like to connect with new people “mostly boys”. Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat hide your number from other users unless you share them openly. But on WhatsApp, you can only add the person who has your number.

Since WhatsApp is not a social media platform, it is a messaging app that is quite personal to an individual. This is why most people want to connect with you only from your entire personal space. Most of the boys want to share their number on WhatsApp because they feel that they can get more importance on WhatsApp. Plus, they can easily call that person up and get their full attention.

Dating App Asking For WhatsApp? (Is It A Scam)

Dating App Asking For Whatsapp

Not everyone on a dating app is a scammer and not every well-behaved person really is. So what to do when someone is asking for your WhatsApp number on Tinder. It is your own choice to give your personal number but you have to be a little careful in this matter.

If someone is asking for your number just ask them to join your other social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. If they are real then they will agree to it if not then you just need to stay away from them.

Many boys get nervous or excited when someone random girl on tender asks them to send his number. This type of boy attracts scammers.

What Happen If you Switch From Tinder To WhatsApp?

Switching from Tinder to WhatsApp directly is very dangerous. Since WhatsApp is your personal messaging app, it is safe to add them to your other platforms. But if you know someone in person or they have a long history of Tinder then good to go.

If you add scammers to your WhatsApp, they will still pretend to be your close friend, but after some time they will ask for money or other favors. If you want to save your mom and dad money then it’s good that you just stay on Tinder and don’t switch it to WhatsApp.

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