30 Divergent Pick Up Lines TESTED

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Divergent Pick Up Lines

Divergent Pick Up Lines
  • I almost always wish we were alone.
  • Hey, baby, You’re more sizzling and hotter than the flares of Dauntless.
  • Dauntless Initiation isn’t the only thing that’s hard.
  • Am I really talking to you, or is it all a simulation?
  • Did you just eat some Amity bread or are you just happy to see me?
  • I might be Candor however I’d like to lay with you.
  • I am all 4 you.
  • Divergent Pick Up Lines
  • Hey, baby, I’m not Dauntless, but rather I’m going to overcome and let you know how lovely you are.
  • Abnegations Rules aren’t the only thing that’s Stiff
  • Are you the first jumper? Because I’d catch you anytime.
  • Are you abnegation because you’re making me stiff.
  • Are you a member of Abnegation? Because you’re making me stiff.
  • Hey are you from Erudite because I’d like to get to know you better.
  • Can I shoot a muffin off your head?
  • Divergent Pick Up Lines
  • If there were a loved landscape, you’d be in mine.
  • How about a little FourPlay?
  • Hey, girl, You know it’s Choosing Day, and I’m choosing you.
  • Claustrophobia’s one of my fears, but I’d be in a tight space with you any time.
  • Are you the first jumper? Because I’d catch you anytime.
  • Can I shoot a muffin off your head?
  • I bet you taste better than Dauntless cake.
  •  Be brave, babe. Because I’m about to ask you out.
  • Fear isn’t the only thing that wakes Tris up
  • Can I touch your TobiAss
  • are you related to Uriah and Zeke? because i think youre pedRAD
  • I have Four problems and you aren’t one.
  • Divergent Pick Up Lines
  • Dauntless cake isn’t the only thing I’ll be Eaton tonight
  • Be brave and fearless, darling. Cause I’m going to ask you out.
  • Are you a transfer? Because I’d like to initiate something with you.
  • Even though my dad beat me, I’m only whipped for you.
  • Have we met beFour?
  • Can I touch your TobiAss

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