30+ Game Thrones Pick Up Lines MOST EFFECTIVE

Game Thrones Pick Up Lines:- Do you often find yourself at a loss for words when trying to talk to someone you’re attracted to? Do you get nervous and tongue-tied, especially when they’re a fan of Game of Thrones? If so, then you’re in luck.

In this blog post, we’ve compiled a list of Game of Thrones pick up lines that are sure to break the ice and get you two off to a good start. So whether you’re looking for a line for your Tinder bio or you want to be prepared for your next encounter, read on for the best Game of Thrones pick up lines.

Game Thrones Pick Up Lines

Game Thrones Pick Up Lines
  • I believe you owe me a flagon of mead, for when I saw you across the room, I dropped mine.
  • Are you a traitor to the crown? Because I can definitely see you giving head to my pike.
  • I am Iron born dear, I take what’s mine.
  • When it comes to hooking up, I’m like a Lannister. I always pays my debts, if ya know what I’m sayin’.
  • Beauty is only skin deep; Hodor’s cock goes much deeper.
  • Girl, if you looked anymore like Emilia Clarke, I would be dragon my balls across your face.
  • Did you get sacrificed to the God of Fire? Because you’re smoking!
  • Are Hodor’s legs tired? Because he’s been carrying you through my mind all day
  • Winter is coming, and I’m going to need someone like you to keep me warm through the long night.
  • Tonight I am going to make you feel like Oberyn. Mind blown.
  • Did you erupt from a fire witch’s vagina? Because you’re a total smokeshow.
  • Baby! You are the moon of my life.
  • This may sound sudden, but I think I just Winterfell for you.
  • Are you a slave to your clothes? Because I’d like to free you from them.
  • Are you the one true god R’hollor? Because you’re setting my heart on fire.
  • Girl, my finger is the only little thing about me.
  • Baby! You must have been a snowflake, because I’ve Winterfell for you.
  • Have you taken a lifelong vow of celibacy or are you just playing hard to get?
  • Want to come back to my house to watch Game of Bones? Err… Thrones! I meant ~Thrones~.
  • Ever been with a woman who can work a sword?
  • I always wanted to be a wizard.
  • Are your clothes a slave? Because I’d like to free you of them.
  • Did You Know, my penis is made of Valyrian steel.
  • Are you a servant of the Lord of Light, Rh’llor? Because I’m burning up around you.
  • You’ve got me feeling like the Night’s King, because I want to march south on you.
  • Are you wildfire, cause I wanna stop drop and roll with you?
  • How about I give you a golden crown dear?
  • Are you made of Dragon Glass? Because you’re melting my heart.
  • Are you my direwolf? Because I can definitely see myself taking over your body.
  • Are you a Warg? Because I bet you’re an animal in the sheets.
  • I may not have the use of my legs but trust me, other parts still work just fine.
  • Did it hurt… when you fell from the Moon Door?
  • I’m going to stick you with my pointy end sweetie!
  • Are you a White Walker? Because I want you to have my babies
  • Can my Direwolf watch?
  • Baby! You know nothing. Want to learn something new?
  • Do you smith Valyrian steel? Because you just gave me one of the hardest swords in the land.
  • Did you sit on a lemon cake? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass!

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