30+ Bartender Pick Up Lines

Bartender pick up lines:- Are you searching for the best pick up lines to impress your sexy and hot bartender? Yes if your answer is yes, today is your lucky day. Because in this article, we have covered the best flirty lines to start a romantic conversation. Everyone knows how hot and attractive bartenders are. And, it’s normal to flirt with them.

Many people tried to be flirty with bartenders but failed because some people use the same old-school pick-up lines. But don’t worry below are the most creative and tested bartender pick-up lines that you can use. 

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Best Bartender Pick Up Lines

Bartender Pick Up Lines

  • Wanna pull a double?

  • Can I get a shot… at loving you?

  • How about some sex on the beach?

  • Hit me with your best shot!

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  • You are the siren, but you are my rocks.

  • Are you as strong as your drinks are?

  • Watch this…I’m really good at swallowing a shot…

  • You look gorgeous in the glow of your POS monitor.

  • Can you pour me a drink like you poured yourself into those jeans?

Funny Bartender Pick Up Lines

  • Can you shake your hips like you shake your drinks?

  • Give me your email and I’ll send you my flavor wheel.

  • I’m glad you are wearing non-slip shoes, because if you come home with me it’s gonna get real wet.

  • Sure I could buy you a drink, but I’d be jealous of the glass.

  • Go up to someone, take an ice cube out of your glass, and smash it. Then say, Now that I’ve broken the ice, can I buy you a drink?

  • When I text you goodnight later, what phone number should I use?

  • I see you’ve got some tequila. Does that mean you wanna give me a shot?

  • Look I’m just trying to drink here, but you’re very distracting.

  • What’s your favorite song to dance to? Ask the DJ to play it, and then ask them to dance.

  • Coffee 45Fast food 44Pizza 63Tea Vegan 40Waiting staff I’d love to taste you on it.

Bartender Pick Up Lines Tinder

Bartender Pick Up Lines Tinder

  • hat’s right, I like my beer and men the same, with a lot of head…

  • I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?

  • I see you know your way around a slippery nipple.

  • I’ll take two Screaming Orgasms—one now, and one back at my place.

  • I’m not drunk. I’m just intoxicated by your beauty.

  • If I buy a round of Blow Job shots, will you squirt the whipped cream directly into my mouth?

  • If you like water- you’re gonna love 70% of me.

  • If you were an alcoholic, what would you be?

  • You’re the grenadine in my tequila sunrise. Without you, i’m just alcoholic.

  • You brought me lunch, can I bring you dinner?

  • You get 25 percent of the bill and 100 percent of my heart. Call me?

  • You so should be working at Hooters!!!

  • You’d be the perfect woman, even if your hair didn’t smell like French fries.

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