30+ Carpenter Pick Up Lines

Carpenter Pick Up Lines:- are you searching for the best pick up lines for your carpenter? If yes then here are some of the best flirty phrases that you can use to impress your crush. Just read or copy and paste to get some ideas for starting a good conversation.

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Best Carpenter Pick Up Lines

Carpenter Pick Up Lines

  • The best carpenters make fewer shavings.

  • People love chopping wood.

  • In this activity, you see the results immediately.

  • Woodworking is the illusion of perfection

  • I am a carpenter, I want to nail you.

  • Babe, I’ll drill you first then nail you well.

  • I know how to use my tools.

  • As I said, I was a carpenter for a while. Carpenter Pick Up Lines

  • A girlfriend is like a good carpenter. No wood gets wasted.

  • Are you a carpenter? Because when you came into the room it became beautiful.

  • Are you a carpenter? Because you look like a wood worker.

  • Are you a carpenter? Because you’re giving me wood!

  • Babe I am the best carpenter, I know how to hammer, screw, and nail.

  • Babe, are you superstitious? Because I foretell that you will knock on wood tonight.

  • Babe, I am a carpenter and I know how to make you perfect. Are you board?

  • Babe, I am a carpenter who builds stairs. I always think a step ahead.

  • Baby I’m a carpenter. Let’s build a relationship in my shop.

  • Do you want a drink? I’ll get hammered and you will get nailed.

Funny Carpenter Pick Up Lines

Funny Carpenter Pick Up Lines

  • Gare are you a carpenter because you made my hotdog stand.

  • Girl are you a carpenter because you work my wood into the timber.

  • Girl, are you a carpenter? Because those are sweet legs you got.

  • Hey, baby are you a Carpenter? You are someone I could build a home with.

  • Hey carpenter, I’m hammered. Want to nail me?

  • Hey girl, are you a carpenter? Because you just made a banana stand out of my wood.

  • Hey let’s play carpenter, first, we get hammered, I get some wood, and then I nail you.

  • I am a carpenter, I want to put my wood on your carpets.

  • I am a good carpenter, I can nail you any time, and I promise I won’t screw up

  • I guess you are a carpenter now gurl. Because you just saw my wood supply.

  • My personal favorite is the hammerhead screwdriver. Carpenter Pick Up Lines

  • You’re a carpenter’s wet dream – flat as a board and easy to nail.

  • Let’s play carpenter! First, we’re gonna get hammered, then I’m gonna nail you.

  • A girl is like a good carpenter No wood is wasted Hey baby, are you a carpenter?

  • You look like someone I could start a family with.

  • Are you carpenters? An ax at home saves you from hiring a carpenter.

  • I like John Carpenter. I like some of his movies more than others, I’ve been a carpenter for a while and everyone watches what you do.

  • A craftsman took a reed out of the reeds, made holes in it, and called it a human being.

  • Since then, he cried a tender agony of farewell, never mentioning the talent that gave him life as a flute.

  • The carpenter lays his table, and the tongue of his front plane whistles its ascending wild blue.

  • A craftsman knows in advance what the end result will be, while the artist does not know what it will be until he has finished it.

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