80 Magician Pick Up Lines

Magician Pick Up Lines:- Are you searching for the best Magician Pick Up Lines? If yes then you are in the right place cause today we have covered the best pick up lines for Magician.

Best Magician Pick Up Lines

Magician Pick Up Lines

  • Are you a magician?

  • Are you ready for a bit of magic?

  • I’d palm that ass of yours.

  • Hey, girl are you a magician.

  • Right now I am here to give you a bit of magic.

  • Hold on to these balls for me.

  • I don’t make love, I make magic.

  • Are you a magician? Because every time I look into your eyes, everyone else suddenly disappears.

  • I can show you magically by making your hymen disappear within seconds.

  • My magic watch is 20 minutes faster, and right now it says you don’t have underwear on.

  • The sorting hat never makes any wrong choices, and right now he says I belong with you.

  • Yes, I’m a magician. Watch me disappear clothing!

  • All my dreams are combined in you, I want to make them a reality tonight.

  • Am I a magician? Because I’m about to make your virginity DISAPPEAR!

  • Are you a magician? Because whenever I look into those eyes, everything else disappears.

  • Are you a magician? Because you just stopped my heart and time altogether.

  • Are you a magician? When I looked at you, everyone else disappeared.

  • Are you a magician? Because you made my v card disappear.

  • Are you what they call the red mage coz there are some sparks flying hot between us two now.

  • Babe, are you a magician? Because you just turned my entire deck into hearts.

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Funny Magician Pick Up Lines

  • Babe, I am a magician, and I got the best fingerwork to play both on stage and in bed.

  • Babe, I am a magician, because I can steal your heart without you realizing it.

  • Babe, I am ready to push all my magical seeds into you.

  • Babe, I never believed in magic until I met you tonight.

  • Babe, I want to get some of that split spades.

  • Babe, you make me feel magical tonight. And I want to return that magic inside you.

  • Baby, I swear to you I will not even Flaccify no matter what pressure you put me in, come.

  • Because every time I look at you everyone else just disappears

  • Because when I look at you, everything else disappears

  • Because whenever I look into those eyes, everything else disappears.

  • Cause I’d love to see the room where the magic happens

  • Cause when I look at you everyone disappears

  • Check out my deck, because you won’t see normal down there.

  • Come and take me tonight, I want to be with you in this broom closet.

  • Come here and try this old magic I know would work perfectly with you.

  • Could we please go see where the magicians hang out…

  • Did you hear about my perverted magician trick? I pulled my d out of a gina.

  • Do you feel the magic between us? If not maybe I need to wave my wand again.

  • Do you want to become my magician assistant? I will make you disappear and reappear on my bed.

  • Don’t hesitate to come to me if you have any trouble; just come to me and I will solve it for you.

Best Pick Up Lines For Magician

  • Ever since I met you, I have had a hard-on. Would you help me get a cure to it?

  • For my next trick, I will make you fall in love with me.

  • Girl are you a magician

  • Girl are you a magician? Because ABBRA KA DAMN!

  • Girl do you want to be a magician’s assistant? Because I want to penetrate you with my big sword.

  • Girl you want to learn magic? I can give you my magical tips.

  • Girl, I got the perfect magic trick, instead of reaching for bunny, how about I reach for pussy?

  • Girl, I want to take you on my magical ride tonight.

  • Girl, you make tonight magical.

  • Grab my deck and you will surely pick up ace in my pants.

  • How did you do it girl? You appeared and took my breath away.

  • I ain’t no magician. But I’ll still take you apart in bed

  • I can make my fingers disappear. Inside you.

  • I can make your clothes disappear with just a kiss.

  • I feel so compelled to block you because you are enchanted with lure.

  • I promise I can wipe any doubts you have of me with a single spell, let me start it right now.

  • I see you have great potential in magic, let me take a look at you and start tapping right away.

  • I wanna be a magician you’re my magic. Can I do you?

  • I want to take on under, over and sideways on a magic trip if you let me open your tights and take you wonder by wonder.

  • I was thinking of how much of a keeper you can become; do you play quidditch?

Magic Pick Up Lines

  • I would show you my wand and you will realize that it might be the biggest one you’ve seen.

  • I’m a magician, If you want to see I can turn you from a virgin to a pregnant lady.

  • If you are into magic, you will like what I’m about to do to you, so just relax on the bed, babe.

  • If you please me in the room tonight, I would do anything you want me to.

  • If you sleep with me, I’ll tell you the tricks of all my magic tricks.

  • If you want to see I can turn you from a virgin to a pregnant lady.

  • If you want to see magic, we should head straight to my bedroom so you can experience it.

  • My wand is ready, in case you want to make some magic.

  • Neither would I try and flaccify around you if you would give me what I want tonight, girl.

  • Right now, with my eyes I can see that you have natural magic inside you.

  • Take your clothes off right now and prove to me that you are really a muggle.

  • The magic effect you have on me is so great that it makes me want to tell you to be with me.

  • There’s a lot of magic in my pants waiting to be let out to give you what it can.

  • We can travel through time with my magic and repeat this moment over and over again, babe.

  • Well, let me touch those boobs to confirm whether you put a spell on them or they are real.

  • When I looked at you, everyone else disappeared.

  • When our lips touched, I felt some sparks. That’s how I knew you are the one for me.

  • Would you let me Weasley my way right into your mind and heart?

  • You are taking all my breath away with your pretty mage outfit.

  • You must be the green mage because you are making me grow harder every second now, girl.

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