60+ Firefighter Pick Up Lines

Firefighter pick up lines:- Find the best firefighter pick up lines? If yes then today is your lucky day. Cause in this article we have covered the best pick up lines for firefighters. 

There are many reasons why firefighters are so popular, but perhaps the most obvious one is that they play an important role in society. They risk their lives every day to protect us, and we’re grateful for their service. In addition to being heroic, firefighters are also typically very attractive. They have a certain mystique about them that intrigues people and their uniforms are undeniably sexy. Plus, firefighters often have great personalities – they’re outgoing, friendly, and fun-loving. All of these.

So if you also want to date a firefight then here are the best firefighter pick up lines.

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Firefighter Pick Up Lines

firefighters pick up lines

  • Can I Hit Your Hydrant?

  • Can I See The Hosebed?

  • Can I Try Become One With A Firefighter?

  • Care to hit my hydrant?

  • Care to see the hosebed?

  • Climb Me Like A Ladder

  • Don’t prime the pump unless you want to squirt a little water.

  • I would climb you like a ladder.

  • Firefighters are always in heat. firefighters pick up lines

  • Did u know that firefighters are professional hose handlers?

  • I’m going to ride you like a fire truck on a bad stretch of road on the way to a 6 alarm fire!

  • You know, firefighters have the longest hoses!

  • You’re hotter than a 5 alarm fire.

  • Can I hit your hydrant?

  • Did u know that women firefighters are professional hose handlers.

Fireman Pick Up Lines

  • Firemen have the longest hoses

  • Get rid of your smoke detector and sleep with a firefighter.

  • Hey girl! It’s my job to go in when it’s extremely Hot and I never pull out until it’s dripping wet.

  • Hey girl! Wanna slide down my pole.

  • Hey Girl! You know firefighter have huge hoses.

  • I am on fire, you wanna stop drop and roll with me?

  • I save babies, puppies, and kittens. And I look forward to saving you from a boring life!

  • I’m a firefighter… I run into burning buildings to save complete strangers, imagine what I would do for you.

  • I’m a fireman; I’m an expert in what’s hot. firefighters pick up lines

  • If you play with fire, you’ll end up burnt. If you play with a firefighter you’ll end up wet!

  • In my line of work I’m required to put fires out but if you want to start one call me.

  • The fire might be out but you are still smoking hot.

  • The hotter you get, the faster we come!

  • Your so hot, a firefighter couldn’t put you out.

  • As a fireman, I’m an expert in what’s hot.

Firefighter Puns Pick Up Lines

  • Bet we could fit two in those bunkers.

  • Consider me a firefighter! I find you hot and I leave you wet

  • Did you know that I’m a firefighter ? I find them hot and then leave them wet

  • Ever been in a firefighter before?

  • Firefighters Are Always In Heat

  • First rule for a patient is to remove all restricting clothing, can I go ahead and start now?

  • Girl in bar: what do you do for a living? Firefighter reply; I make the six o’clock news.

  • Hey girl! Wanna slide down my pole?

  • Hey handsome, do you want to play firefighters? Together, we can practice “stop, drop and roll”.

  • I am a firefighter, I run into burning buildings to save a complete stranger, imagine what I would do for you.

  • I could make you scream louder than the fire siren. firefighters pick up lines

  • I don’t have a very long hose, but i got one hell of a pumper.

  • I wanna hear you scream like the siren.

  • I Want To Slide Down Your Pole

  • I’ll Prime The Pump To Squirt The Water

Funny Firefighter Pick Up Lines

  • I’m a firefighter.

  • I’m a woman firefighter but I forgot my hose. Can I use yours?

  • I’m like a firefighter if I find u hot I’ll leave u wet

  • I’m like a firefighter… I find you smokin and leave you wet

  • I’m a firefighter.

  • I’m on fire – you wanna stop, drop and roll with me?

  • I’m on fire, put me out!

  • It’s On Fire, Remove Your Clothes

  • It’s long, hard and Pumps like a bastard, but that’s just the Truck.

  • It’s my job to go in when it’s extremely Hot and I never pull out until it’s dripping wet!

  • My Job Is To Go In When It’s Hot

  • Nice hose, does it pump?

  • So It’s True Your Job Contains Water Because I’m Wet Now

  • The first rule for a patient is to remove all restricting clothing. Can I go ahead and start now?

  • They call me “The Fireman”… mainly because I turn the hoes on.

  • Want to see my tool?

  • We Might Fit In A Bunker

  • Woman Firefighters Are Professional Handlers firefighters pick up lines

  • You can climb me like a ladder.

  • You wanna stop drop and rull with me?

  • You’re Hotter Than The Fire You Fight

  • Your hosebed or mine?

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