Chicken Pick Up Lines

Chicken Pick Up Lines:- are you searching for the best pick up lines for Chicken Lovers? If yes then here are some of the best flirty phrases that you can use to impress your crush.

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Best Chicken Pick Up Lines

Chicken pick up lines

  • Girl are you fried chicken?

  • Chick or treat.

  • Want some rice with that chicken?

  • Girl, if you were a chicken would be flawless.

  • Cause you got some delicious looking thighs.

  • Can I get a large chicken breast, hold the breast?

  • Are you a chicken farmer? Because you sure raise good cocks.

  • Are you a chicken grave yard? Because I want to bury my cock bones in you.

  • Are you a chicken? Because I want to taste your breasts.

  • Are you a hot bowl of chicken noodle soup? Because I’d love to drink you up!

  • Babe, I don’t need no flock when you are the only chick I want.

  • Babe, I want to put my cock inside your pen.

  • Babe, you are a chick because I cannot get enough of your chicken tender breasts.

  • Babe, you are the one for me because I like my chick hot.

  • Did you grow up on a chicken farm? Because I heard you were good at raising cocks!

Chicken Nugget Pick Up Lines

  • Do you eat chicken cause you can swallow my bones.

  • Do you know the difference between my dick and a chicken wing? No? Well, it’s time for you to find out.

  • Do you know what the difference is between my dick and the taste of chicken nuggets? Well it’s better to try.

  • Do you know why woman likes KFC? Because you are past the tender breast and the juicy thigh. All you have left is a greasy wet box to put your bone it.

  • Do you like fried chicken? Because I’d love to deep fry my cock inside your oven.

  • Do you make rotisserie chicken? Because I want to slow cook my cock inside your oven.

  • Do you raise chickens? Because my cock is responding to your sexy voice.

  • Do you work on a chicken farm? Because you know how to raise my cocks good.

  • Forget about chicken breast, you have the only breast I want to feast on tonight.

  • Girl are you fried chicken? Because you got some delicious looking legs & thighs.

  • Girl, if you were a chicken I would totally want your legs and thighs.

  • Girl, no chicken wire is going to protect you from my cock entering your garden.

  • Girl, you are so hot you made my boneless cock into bones.

  • Girl, you don’t need no bucket of chicken when this one cock will satisfy all your needs.

  • Have you ever seen a chicken fighting a cat? Well, my cock’s going to fight your pussy tonight.

Chick Pick Up Lines

  • Hey chick babe, with my cock tonight we will become one lovebird.

  • I’ll have the chicken breast, hold the chicken.

  • I’m a chicken farmer, so I know how to work with eggs baby.

  • Is that a chicken in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

  • Let me be a chicken nugget and take a dip in your sauce.

  • You’re the skin on fried chicken that fills this black void that is my soul.

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