50 Whale Pick Up Lines, Pun & Jokes

Whale Pick Up Lines:- Are you searching for the best whale pick up lines? If yes then you are at the right place. Cause today we have covered some of the most flirty pick up lines for whale lovers. You can just send these to your crush to light up things better. 

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Best Whale Pick Up Lines

Whale Pick Up Lines

  • You’re one hot cod!

  • I speak whale.

  • You are one sexy cetacean!

  • I whaley love you

  • I whale shower you with love.

  • Netflix and whale?

  • A whale ate my girlfriend, will you be mine?

  • Hey girl are you a whale? Because you are rare, interesting and THICC.

  • Let’s spend the next 3 days in bed. I’ll be Jonah and you be the whale.

  • Are you a mermaid? Cause I want to see your tail!

  • You’re making my heart race faster than a pod of dolphins!

  • Are you a whale? Because my fire fish wants to hide in your blowholes.

  • Are you a whale? Because I like your blow hole.

  • I wish I could be your seagull, so I could poop on your head!

  • I bet you love whales and I want to get into your blowholes.

Killer Whale Pick Up Lines

  • Do you like whales? Cause we can go hump back at my place.

  • Do you like whales? I’m thinking we could humpback at my place.

  • Let’s go back to my place and watch Finding Nemo together…

  • Are you my baby whale? Because I am about to make you squirt.

  • Are you a blue whale? Cause you’re the biggest thing I’ve ever seen!

  • Just like the whales, I can hold my breath for as long as it takes when I go down on you.

  • You must be a narwhal, cause you’re my unicorn!

  • Are you a beluga? Cause you’re making me blubber!

  • I heard you like whales. Wanna humpback at my place?

  • Are you just pleased to see me, or you are happy seeing these whales.

  • Are you a whale? Because I’m caught in your love.

  • If you were a whale, I would be caught in your blow hole.

  • I’m a sperm whale. Seriously, what more do I need to say?

  • So I heard you are into whales…… There’s a humpback at my place 😉

  • Are you a killer whale? Because babe you can prey on my sperm whales anytime.

Cute Whale Pick Up Lines

  • You’re so beautiful, you make me want to retire from my job and live on a beach with you!

  • Do you like whales? Because I was thinking we could Humpback at my place.

  • You’re making me want to break the law and swim in the ocean after dark!

  • You’re so big and beautiful, you make me feel like I’m swimming in the ocean!

  • Excuse me, but do you like whales? (yeah, why) Because I was thinking that we could

  • If I had a Bitcoin for every time you came across my mind, I’d be a Whale.

  • Do you like whales? Cause I was thinking we could Humpback at my place

  • You make me want to sing “I’m a Little Teapot”…

  • I bet you’re one of those whales that eats plankton – cause you’re small but you pack a lot of flavor!

  • Do You Like Whales? Because we can go humpback at my place.

Do You Like Whales Pick Up Line

  • Do you like whales? Because we could go hump back at my place.

  • Hey, girl are you a whale? Cause you are rare, interesting, and THICC.

  • Babe, you will love my whale inside you. You’re whale-come.

  • Do you like whales? Well you will love the whale in my pants after tonight.

  • If I could, I would give you a kiss from the bottom of the ocean!

  • Let’s go out for sushi – I’ll be the soy sauce and you can be the wasabi!

  • Forget about all the fish in the sea, you need a whale to pleasure you.

  • Come with me and I’ll show you how whales raise their young ones. You might get some tips to help us in the near future.

  • Has anyone ever told you that you would be a whale if you were marine animal?

  • Just like the whales, I can hold my breath for as long as it takes as well.

  • You must be a humpback whale, cause you’re humpin’ my style!

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