43 Elephant Pick Up Lines & Puns

Elephant Pick Up Lines:- are you searching for the best pick up lines for Elephant Lovers? If yes then here are some of the best flirty phrases that you can use to impress your crush.

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Elephant Pick Up Lines

Elephant Pick Up Lines

  • Cinderella-phant.

  • Elephanta Claus.

  • What do you call an elephant that never washes?

  • A smelly-phant.

  • What animals were last to leave the ark?

  • The elephants as they had to pack their trunks.

  • What do you call an elephant with rotors?

  • A Nellie-copter.

  • Are you an elephant? Because you are about to squirt for me.

  • It’s OK to watch an elephant bathe as they usually have their trunks on.

  • Who do elephants get their Christmas presents from?

  • If I were an elephant right now. I’d be tusky.

  • Excuse me, have you ever seen an elephant hid inside here? Some say the elephant is still hiding in my pants.

  • The elephant walked over and kicked the unsuspecting turtle clear across the river.

  • Are you The Elephant’s Foot? Because I wouldn’t last 5 minutes with you.

  • Eleph-ino! (Sounds like “Hell if I know!”)

  • Girl, the only elephant in the room is that no one notices how beautiful you are.

  • Hey, are you a bad girl? Because I want to spank you with my elephant trunk.

  • Girl you got an elephant? Because I got some nuts for you.

  • A passing giraffe who happened to see this happen asked the elephant, “Why did you do that?”

  • Yes, said the elephant, proudly. Turtle recall.

  • The elephant replied, “Because I recognized it as the same turtle that bit my trunk 38 years ago.

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Cute Elephant Pick Up Lines

  • How much does an elephant weigh? Enough to break the ice!

  • Do you want to play the elephant game? I’ll squash you in bed tonight.

  • I said what I meant, I meant what I said. I’m hung like an elephant. Just bring me to bed.

  • Babe you make me feel like an elephant. Because I am sticking out my trunk for you.

  • What do you get when you cross an elephant with a rhinoceros?

  • Damn girl, I must be an elephant. Because I’d never forget you.

  • The logo of our party is an elephant, wanna see what the elephant and I have in common?

  • There must be an invisible elephant in the room, because babe you are about to trip over my hanging trunk.

  • What’s big and grey and wears a mask?

  • The elephant-om of the opera.

  • Anything unrelated to elephants is irrelephant.

  • What’s grey, beautiful and wears glass slippers?

  • What do elephants and I have in common? We both have big trunks.

  • An elephant was drinking out of the river one day when he spotted a turtle lying fast asleep on a log.

  • Hunting elephants is illegal as ivory well know.

  • An elephant’s opinion carries a lot of weight.

  • Looking after more than one elephant at a time requires the ability to multi-tusk.

  • The giraffe said, “Wow, what a memory you’ve got!”

  • Elephants will toil all day, and they work for peanuts.

  • Girl do you love elephants? Because I love you a ton.

  • I’d take you to the zoo but others might mistake me for an elephant.

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