38 Tiger Pick Up Lines [TESTED]

Tiger Pick Up Lines:- are you searching for the best pick up lines for Tiger Lovers? If yes then here are some of the best flirty phrases that you can use to impress your crush.

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Best Tiger Pick Up Lines

Tiger Pick Up Lines

  • I am good at coming from behind.

  • Can I feel your purr..sy.

  • You are my tiger in bed.

  • Scratch me with your tiger claws.

  • I’m Tiger Woods!

  • Should we go for an Eagle or a Birdie tonight?

  • Wanna see my flop shot?

  • My 9-iron is 12 inches. (Tiger Pick Up Lines)

  • Are you the kind of girl that lets a mine drive for the second hole?

  • Hey baby, wanna see my putter?

  • I’ll bet you 100 bucks that you’re better in bed than elin, ill be the judge.,Wanna polish my driver?

  • Watch me use my wood and put it in the hole.

  •  Is it safe to say that you are certain you don’t have a little Tiger Woods in you? Might you want to?
  • Is it safe to say that you are a tiger? Cuz you will hear me thunder.

  • Hello young lady I’m searching for the eighteenth opening. Is it safe to say that you are her?

  • Want to clean my iron?

  • Hello, I might want to acquaint my Crouching Tiger with your Hidden Dragon (Tiger Pick Up Lines)

  • I’m running out of records. Want to assist me with breaking Wilt Chamberlain’s?

  • What’s a tiger running a copier called? A copycat.

Pick Up Lines For Tiger

  • Why did the tiger lose at poker? Because he was playing with a cheetah.

  • What’s striped and bouncy? A tiger on a pogo stick!

  • Where does a tiger sleep? Anywhere she wants to.

  • What is the fiercest flower in the garden? A tiger lily.

  • What flies around your light at night and can bite your head off? A tiger moth. (Tiger Pick Up Lines)

  • Why did Tigger look in the toilet? He was looking for pooh.

  • What do tigers sing at Christmas? Jungle bells! Jungle bells!

  • How are tigers are like sergeants in the army? They both wear stripes.

  • What do you call a tiger that likes to dig in the sand? Sandy claws!

  •  How do tigers depict themselves? Murmur fect.
  • What do you get when you cross a tiger and a snowman? Ice chomp.

  • For what reason would a tiger be able to turn into a herbivore? A tiger can’t change his stripes.

  • On which side does a tiger have the most stripes? The outside.

  • What creature can go into a tiger’s nook and came out alive? The tiger.

  • What do you get assuming that you cross a tiger and a sheep? A stripey sweater.

  • What’s striped and goes endlessly round? A tiger in a rotating entryway. (Tiger Pick Up Lines)

  • What’s the silliest name you can give a tiger? Spot.

  • For what reason do tigers have stripes? They would rather not be spotted.

  • What’s the contrast between a lion and a tiger? A tiger generally comes clean, the other one is consistently lion.


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