Monkey Pick Up Lines

Monkey Pick Up Lines:- Searching for the best pick up lines for monkey lovers? If yes then here are some of the best flirty lines for monkeys lovers. 

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Best Monkey Pick Up Lines

Monkey Pick Up Lines

  • Hey girl, if you worked at a zoo and I were a monkey, would you keep me?

  • I’m told monkeys make great lovers because they know the penalty for early withdrawal. Will I be your monkey?

  • Please don’t hurt my monkey. Strike it gently and see it rise.

  • Someone told me that you like monkeys. Will you play with mine?

  • Are you a banana? Because I find you a peeling.

  • Can we drink you + me tonight?

  • Do you love monkeys? Would you tame mine? Monkey Pick Up Lines

  • Do you visit the zoo often? Because you may have the skills to tame my monkey.

  • Hey, because you are a big monkey, does that mean you have one?

  • How about we get down to monkey business?

  • How about we play zoo and you tame my monkey?

  • I am against cruelty to animals, so I do not hurt my monkey, please gently caress.

  • I find you really a-peeling.

  • I have got a plenty of bananas your monkey can play with.

  • I wouldn’t slap you if you were my monkey; I would only five your face.

  • If I were monkey I would climb you often.

  • If you lost your monkey, would you tame mine?

  • So am told a banana does the body good, but how many have you been taking to make you this good?

  • Want to hang out? I can help.

  • Would you mind playing with my monkey?

  • For women to men: are you a monkey? ‘Cause I’d love to peel your banana


  • Come by to my cabin and I show you my monkey!

  • Do you like monkeys?

    Because I guarantee you’ll love macaque (Monkey Pick Up Lines)

  • Roses are red, i’m a monkey

    Why don’t you bend over, so i can slap that donkey

  • Are you a monkey?

    Coz I wanna feed you my banana

  • I’ll tell you the same thing I tell monkey vacuums. Suck macaque.

    Hey girl, are you a monkey?

    ‘Coz I wanna feed you my banana.

  • Hey baby is your gorilla enclosure open for monkey business?

    Better than dropping a banana out a cruise window.

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